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1st December 2018

What would most people do on a damp December morning? The popular choice would be to stay at home but, as the current Jaguar TV commercial advises, “Jaguar owners don’t do popular choices!” 

Around 60 Jaguars turned out at our Breakfast Meet – an extraordinary testament to the enthusiasm and dedication of our members!

With some changes to vehicles on show in the Jaguar Heritage Collection, a hot breakfast and lively conversation in the café there was plenty of interest indoors and outside on our dedicated parking area.


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3rd November 2018

Jaguar owners entirely ignored the calendar indicating the onset of winter and chose to take their cherished cars to Gaydon, with over one hundred Jaguars attending the November Jaguar Breakfast meet. Even the owners of classics elected to bring them out for the occasion, with E-types matching F-TYPEs in equal numbers and providing a wonderful variety for all to enjoy in the autumn sunshine. What a wonderful morning!


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6th October 2018

October’s meet was probably the wettest day we have ever experienced but an astonishing number of Jaguars assembled amidst the deluge at Gaydon and the atmosphere was electric!

This may have been partly influenced by the Tesla Owners’ Group holding their annual gathering on the day and to the I-PACE kindly brought along by Sturgess Jaguar, but it was fundamentally due to the uplifting enthusiasm of our supporters who turn out for these meets in all weathers.

Also on the day a TV crew from “Salvage Hunters – Classic Cars” chose to use our meet as a backdrop for the public release of their newly restored Pre-HE XJ-S and this was admirably supported by eight of our members’ XJS cars on the field. A superb effort from everyone in the Club and a brilliant day!


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1st September 2018

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the XJ Series 1 in September 1968, the Jaguar Breakfast Club staged a special event at JLR’s prestigious Classic Works facility in Ryton, Coventry. 

Three hundred and seventy five Jaguars and Daimlers assembled for the day including over 200 XJs ranging from Series 1 to the very latest XJ575, all exhibited in model groups to create a breath-taking, fifty-year timeline spanning not only the decades but the entire frontage of JLR’s mammoth building. The extended XJ family was also represented with XJS and XJ220s and even a replica XJ13 on parade.

The nearby headquarters of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations served as a display area for other Jaguar models with several early XKs, Mark 2s and E-types right through to an F-TYPE SVR revisiting its conceptual home.

Inside the stunning workshop areas visitors mingled with staff who enthusiastically discussed all aspects of the varied work taking place including the recreations, the “reborn” projects and general restoration and servicing of classics. Within the enormous collection area, home to JLR’s own incredible vehicle store, a series of presentations took place including a history of the XJ with Jaguar historian Nigel Thorley; the role of JLR Classic and its dedication to parts supply with Calum McKechnie; and the star guest of the day was Norman Dewis OBE Jaguar’s fabled vehicle development engineer and test driver whose skill as a raconteur is undiminished, even at the age of 98, as held the floor in thrall with what might be best described as “confessions of a test driver!”


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4th August 2018

The British Motor Museum played host to a number of club displays (from Dacias to Ford Transits!) all under a piercing blue sky, but the Jaguar Breakfast meet attracted by far the most vehicles with a mouth-watering selection of well over one hundred cars on display. From XK140 to F-TYPE 400 almost every model was represented and enthusiastic owners mingled with other Museum visitors to enjoy the spectacle. 


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7th July 2018

The July Breakfast Meet was a special “away day” courtesy of Jaguar Classic who invited us to spend the morning at their impressive Classic Works facility at Coventry. Around 150 of our own Jaguars provided a spectacular sight beneath the imposing frontage of the building, but within there were many more treasures on view from authentic recreations of iconic Jaguars, customer vehicles in for restoration or routine service and a breath-taking storage department with hundreds of Jaguars neatly stacked together! Enthusiastic staff were on hand to explain their commitment to Jaguar’s heritage and the showroom offered many mouth-watering classics for sale from XK8s to several XJ220s. Others satisfied their temptations with the breakfast rolls and hot drinks on offer!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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2nd June 2018

A well-attended and thoroughly enjoyable breakfast meet saw a huge variety of Jaguars displayed on the green lawns fringing the British Motor Museum. We continue to attract new supporters from far and wide, this month welcoming enthusiasts from Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand! 

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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5th May 2018

The month of May saw a glorious celebration of Jaguar ownership with over one hundred stunning cars on display basking beneath a beautifully warm spring sky. Our grateful thanks go to Videographer John Bowen for recording the event and bringing it to life for posterity! 

Following our May Breakfast meet a tour of the Cotswolds and Lambourne Downs was organised followed by an overnight in a hotel and a visit the next morning to the Cotswold Motor Hub. A great time was had by all!

See below for images from the weekend:


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7th April 2018

April marked the 2nd anniversary of our monthly Jaguar Breakfast meets at Gaydon and what a superb event it was with well over 100 Jaguars on display!

With sporting classics from the Mk2 and E-type through to the most raucous modern day F-TYPEs and the imposing F-PACE, most models were on show to exhibit the remarkable pedigree of the marque – mirrored equally by the dynamic owners from confidently youthful to the…erm…historic! 


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3rd February 2018

The February Jaguar Breakfast Meet saw sixty brave Jaguars turning out in the teeth of an inclement winter’s morning, though amply rewarded by many stunning cars amongst the display. Classics on show included E-type, XJS and XJ40, and among the modern spectrum was a rare XKR75 and two performance enhanced 650bhp monsters in the form of an F-TYPE and XFR-S with ferocious exhaust notes, which reverberated around the parking arena and gave our members plenty to chat about over an informal breakfast!

The next breakfast meet is on Saturday 3rd March and reverts to our summer time hours with the museum café opening exclusively for the Breakfast Club from 9.30am. See you there!


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6th January 2018

There are few dedicated Jaguar meets taking place during the depths of winter, but the monthly Jaguar Breakfast Meet at the British Motor Museum is one to ignore the adversity of the season. However, with a freezing cold morning forecast for the first gathering of the year, not too many cars were expected. But the British Bulldog Spirit was clearly in evidence with well over fifty Jaguars arriving for breakfast in sub-zero temperatures, including a superb and recently acquired 1968 Jaguar 340, whose owners nonchalantly undertook a 130 mile round trip to be part of the event. 

The New Year at the Museum has brought much added interest for Jaguar enthusiast with many improvements currently underway to enhance the interpretation of the Jaguar Heritage Trust section of the Collections Centre.


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