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7th December 2019

Our Breakfast Meets are the place to see and be seen – even in the depths of winter!

One hundred Jaguars turned out to display in December ranging from 1950s XKs to a brand new, prototype F-TYPE. And, on temporary display in the museum was a Formula E car from Jaguar Racing. There was truly something for everyone!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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2nd November 2019

What would you do on a wet Saturday morning when England are on the TV in the Rugby world Cup Final…? Go to a Jaguar Breakfast Meet of course!! Over 50 cars braved the challenging conditions to attend our November meet, proving once again that Jaguar owners are truly dedicated! 

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5th October 2019

It may be October but summer wasn’t over for our Breakfast Meets as around 100 Jaguars turned up to enjoy the sunshine and camaraderie at the British Motor Museum. From 1960s classics to an impressive line of the newest I-PACEs there was something to satisfy all tastes. Our meets continue on throughout the winter, every first Saturday of the month. 

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7th September 2019

Our September meet was an “away day” at Jaguar Classic Works, Coventry. It was billed as a normal breakfast meet… but clearly we don’t do normal, as well over 200 Jaguars turned up to enjoy the experience. It was a fantastic day!

Huge thanks to JLR Classic for accommodating us, free of charge, and to the staff for being so enthusiastic. Being a Jaguar owner within the Jaguar Breakfast Club appears to bring great privilege!


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3rd August 2019

Just when we thought a Jaguar Breakfast Meet couldn’t get any better, along came our August gathering!

Well over 150 Jaguars from 1950s to the present day intermingled in the sunshine at the British Motor Museum. We were delighted to welcome a cavalcade of Mk2s undertaking a 60th anniversary tour and a stunning line of XJ40s, whose owners chose to use our meet as a showcase for the model. 

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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6th July 2019

Another consummate Jaguar gathering featuring a stunning variety from cars from all eras, supported by enthusiastic owners from… all eras!

Huge thanks to all for your support and, with around 150 Jaguars on show at every meet so far this summer, these meets form a major part of the Jaguar calendar.

Follow the link for the “Moves like Jaguar” video of the event:


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1st June 2019

For our June meet the Jaguar Breakfast Club was invited to Jaguar Classic Works, Coventry to stage a special 60th anniversary celebration of the Mk2. Our members turned out in huge numbers to create a magnificent spectacle with around 270 cars on display, from dozens of Mk2s to brand new I-PACEs.

Jaguar Classic has extended a grateful “Thank You” to all who supported this event, echoed by us; it’s your enthusiasm for the meets that makes them so special. And three cheers for the volunteers who assisted with parking – Jaguars are always visually appealing but even more so if they’re all pointing in the same direction!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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4th May 2019

Bright, breezy and brilliant… aptly describes this Jaguar Breakfast Club meet. At least 150 Jaguars were welcomed to Gaydon, including many there for the first time. Thank you to all who attended and made this a really special event. There was an awful lot going on, including a gloriously scenic drive after breakfast, something that is likely to become a regular fixture. A video of the meet is available here:


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6th April 2019

This Jaguar Breakfast Meet marked our third anniversary and could not have illustrated better how its popularity has grown. There were around 175 Jaguars on display, which would generally constitute a major Jaguar event, yet this was merely one of our regular monthly gatherings. Our thanks go to all those who attend with boundless enthusiasm and bring such an astounding range of Jaguars. This month we saw virtually every model from SS100 to the XE Project 8. Quite incredible!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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2nd March 2019

The British Motor Museum witnessed an extraordinary array of Jaguars for our March Breakfast Meet, with over 130 cars from all eras congregating in profusion around the impressive arena fronting the Museum and Collections Centre. 

If you wanted to see and talk Jaguar this was the place to be!

Thank you all for supporting our breakfast meets, making them such a fantastic experience for everyone and creating a world class display every month, all year round! 

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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2nd February 2019

Almost one hundred Jaguars and their owners defied the icy grip of mid-winter and descended upon the British Motor Museum for a lively February meet. The huge gathering was rewarded by blue skies and a fascinating array of Jaguars. We saw cars from the 1960s E-type and Mk2 through to present day electric I-PACEs, demonstrating our dedication as a meet where all Jaguars are equal.


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5th January 2019

What a fantastic way to start the New Year!

An astonishing one hundred Jaguars assembled at Gaydon to create an extraordinary January spectacle at the British Motor Museum. The support for our gatherings continues to grow with lots of new members attracted every month, who soon become old friends!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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