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3rd December 2022

The stunning vision of over 150 Jaguars at the Jaguar Breakfast Club warmed everyone’s spirits on a chilly December morning at the British Motor Museum. The cars spanned eight decades as though assembled as a living museum to complement the exhibits inside. A fantastic show to close 2022 and thank you for supporting us!


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5th November 2022

Many people will ‘remember, remember the 5th November’ as being a rather damp day for their bonfires, but Jaguar owners will mark the day for our Breakfast Club gathering at the British Motor Museum where around 130 cars enjoyed a convivial morning in great company. The message is, don’t ever let the weather put you off because these breakfast meetings are always well-attended regardless of the conditions. We are truly dedicated to Jaguar events!


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1st October 2022

October was “away day” by the kind invitation of Jaguar Classic to visit their impressive Classic Works – free of charge! As a theme for this visit we chose the 25th anniversary of the X308 XJ, with a line of these 4-litre V8s forming the centrepiece display outside the main entrance to Classic Works. A healthy range of all other Jaguar models provided a broad coverage of the marque and a treat for the eye of the enthusiast. JLR laid on two catering vans serving top-quality breakfast rolls and speedy service for those enjoying the outside display under sunny skies. It was a fantastic day!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event: 


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3rd September 2022

The monthly Jaguar Breakfast Club at the British Motor Museum is scaled-up each September into “Jaguars at Gaydon”, an annual event hosted by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust to delight the wider Jaguar community. This year the Swallow to Jaguar centenary provided a wealth of opportunities as the theme, with the Trust’s vehicle collection forming the foundation of the show displays.

From Sidecars to Sports Cars every decade of history was evident in this broad-ranging centennial extravaganza. JLR brought the event bang up-to-date with a line of showroom MY23 models along with an I-Type-5 from the racing stable. A live show arena presented a selection of significant vehicles and interviews with their owners. Period musical entertainment was performed throughout the day and a stunned crowd witnessed the major highlight of the JDHT’s XJ13 on a powerful demonstration drive. Has any car ever sounded so good?


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6th August 2022

The August Jaguar Breakfast Club had the theme of “Supercharged Saturday”. There is definitely something about Jaguar owners and superchargers so we guessed the event might be popular, but we were astounded to receive 307 registrations from supercharged Jaguars (and Daimlers). In addition, a couple of hundred “ordinary” models turned up, but of course no Jaguar is ordinary!

An enclosed arena was set up to showcase a selection of supercharged cars from an F-PACE to a 7-litre twin supercharged Lister XJS. The owners of the cars were interviewed by former Jaguar Project engineers Martin Joyce and Andy Stodart.


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2nd July 2022

The July Breakfast Club was an “away day” at the Classic Motor Hub, an exclusive classic and sports car showroom in a remote location in the Cotswold hills. Nevertheless, despite errant Sat-Navs and intermittent phone signals, our large display of Jaguars successfully located the venue and put on a great show at this former airfield, whose hangers are packed with exotic and historic interest.


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4th June 2022

The June Jaguar Breakfast Club featured a dedicated display of modern X150 XKs. It is great fun to put a particular model in the limelight at the breakfast meetings and during the year these can range widely from classics to the present day. It’s a really informative way of exposing the virtues to wider public attention and a chance for owners to compare specifications and modifications at close quarters. 


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2nd April 2022

The April Jaguar Breakfast Club was the sixth anniversary to the exact day of the this hugely popular event. With the sun in the sky, a large concentration of XJ40s on the lawn, the very first lightweight E-type on display and the buzz of young drivers in classic cars driving a circuit in the adjacent car park, there was so much to see and do. The British Motor Museum had stepped up efficiency with an additional entrance for advance ticket holders and enhanced catering facilities, ensuring there were no queues despite the many hundreds of eager visitors.

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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5th March 2022

Following the three hundred Jaguars in attendance in February and with a keen northerly wind blowing, we expected a more modest turnout for the March meeting, but it may have been even bigger!

Sometimes it’s just a pleasure to let the display take its natural course and so the event was loosely billed as a “March Mix”, where classics and moderns intermingled to create a pleasing surprise at every turn. Fortunately, the extraordinary range of models that appeared on the day allowed the plan to work perfectly. 


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5th February 2022

The February Jaguar Breakfast Club was extraordinary, with the emphasis on “extra” rather than “ordinary”, and witnessed a staggering three hundred or so Jaguars and Daimlers descending upon the British Motor Museum to display in the winter sunshine. An impromptu suggestion a few weeks prior to the event to showcase the modern F-Type saw around one hundred of these rousing beauties presenting a muscular, yet graceful presence to steal the show. 

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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8th January 2022

If you ever think it’s not worth attending the Jaguar Breakfast Club because it’s raining and no one will be there, think again!

The first meet of 2022 took place on a deluged January day, yet one hundred Jaguars appeared through the horizontal rain to put on a fantastic display at the British Motor Museum. It was not just modern Jaguars but a very healthy selection of classics also took advantage of the road salt having been washed away. To further lift spirits on wet days we award a prize for the best beading on show, so all that summer polishing can still pay dividends throughout the year. The prize this time was won by a first-time attendee in his stunning Mk2, which had travelled many miles to be there.


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