Events 2023

2nd December 2023

The final event of the year saw an ethereal atmosphere of freezing fog and sub-zero temperatures, which apparently only strengthened the resolve of indomitable Jaguar owners to attend, with over one hundred cars arriving through the icy mists. Whether it was an open XK 120 or an F-Pace SVR with heated steering wheel, the full range of models was on view. It was a fantastic end to a busy year of events!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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4th November 2023

A perfect world would be one where the sun always shone at Jaguar events, but for the November Breakfast Club we suffered a hiccup to this utopia. It rained! The early deluge did subside through the morning, although, unsurprisingly, only the hardy set out for Gaydon and we expected a low turnout. However, an astonishing one hundred Jaguars appeared from the gloom, including six classic S-Types to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the model. For good measure we added a line of fifteen modern S-Types and what a fine spectacle it was. Thank you to everyone who supported the event!


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3rd October 2023

The October Jaguar Breakfast Club was an especially privileged event at the invitation of Jaguar Classic to visit Classic Works, Coventry, where all those wonderful recreations of C-types, D-types and more are built. The facility also boasts a showroom, huge workshop and JLR’s own vehicle collection, which numbers many rare and exquisite vehicles. Jaguar Classic were consummate hosts, providing hospitality and a friendly welcome from staff and technicians who enthusiastically informed visitors of every aspect of the operations that take place in this magnificent ‘palace of the Jaguar’. We had a great time!


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2nd September 2023

Jaguars at Gaydon took place on 2nd September at the British Motor Museum. This is an annual event gifted to the Jaguar community by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, this year and attracted around 700 Jaguars and Daimlers to an action-packed show – making for a rather fantastic extension to a standard Jaguar Breakfast meeting!

There were a number of dedicated model displays celebrating anniversaries, from XK 120’s and Mark V’s to XJ Coupés, XJ220’s and F-Types. All this in addition to a theme centred on the centenary of Le Mans. Raucous demonstration drives saw the Trust’s TWR XJ-S and Long Nose D-type split everyone’s eardrums as they thundered past stunned spectators, and a live arena enthralled us with talks, interviews and demonstrations.


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25th June 2023

Jaguar Breakfast Club supporters received a prime display area at the excellent “Simply Jaguar” event, Beaulieu. This huge show featured around one thousand Jaguars and attracts visitors from far and wide – and that’s why we had an official presence there, to spread the word and make our regular meeting even bigger and better!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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3rd June 2023

The annual ‘Supercharged Saturday’ event took place under supercharged blue skies attracting almost 600 Jaguars to the British Motor Museum. Over 350 supercharged models were arranged in model groups and supplemented by at least 200 naturally aspirated Jaguars, so even the view from the ‘cheap seats’ wasn’t half bad!

SNG Barratt sponsored the event which included a Live Arena where a variety of vehicles were displayed and their owners interviewed by experts Martin Joyce and Andy Stodart, both former Jaguar Project Engineers involved with the development of supercharging Jaguar cars. In the arena there was everything from standard XFRs and F-Types to the earliest XJRs, some highly modified. The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust kindly provided their unique supercharged X-Type estate for a close look under the bonnet and there was even an XJ Coupé fitted with an XJR6 engine by our sponsors Tom Lenthall Jaguar.

Watch MrGB’s YouTube video from the event:


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30th April 2023

The Jaguar Breakfast Club, in cooperation with the Jaguar Drivers’ Club arranged an excellent visit to the Great British Car Journey on Sunday 30th April. This car museum, located on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, is a delightful treasure trove of British motoring nostalgia, displaying a rotating selection of 130 cars from the 1920s to 1990s, some of them in showroom condition and others very much “lived in”. Heavily discounted admission included an informative audio guide, there was both indoor and outdoor catering, and the staff and volunteers made us feel very welcome. Feedback from everyone who attended was overwhelmingly positive, so look out for the venue becoming a regular fixture on the events calendar.

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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1st April 2023

The Jaguar Breakfast Club celebrated two anniversaries for the 1st April meeting. The gathering marked seven years of the monthly Breakfast Club held at the British Motor Museum since April 2016. Added to this was our tribute to the F-Type following ten years of production. 

The event was a very busy occasion with around 500 Jaguars including around 250 F-Types, likely to be the largest number ever assembled!

Watch MrGB’s YouTube video capturing the day with style: 


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4th March 2023

There were upwards of 250 Jaguars at the March Breakfast Club. It was a chilly but dry morning, although someone must have forgotten to remind classic Jaguar owners that it was still winter, because so many arrived that you would have thought it was high summer!

Thank you to everyone who donated Easter eggs for children in care. We collected 130 eggs and will add to that at the next meeting in April!


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4th February 2023

The February Jaguar Breakfast Club saw over 200 Jaguars!

Such an astonishing turnout on a dry February day resulted in a busy social occasion, meeting old friends and making new ones. After all we are all there for the same reason, to celebrate our Jaguars!

Watch the ‘Moves Like Jaguar’ YouTube video of the event:


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7th January 2023

The Jaguar Breakfast Club never ceases to amaze. Whereas wind and rain would keep many people at home, one hundred Jaguars made the journey to the British Motor Museum for our January gathering, some having travelled sizeable distances. However, with the wealth of exhibits inside the museum, a café serving breakfast and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts to enjoy there aren’t many better ways to spend a damp Saturday morning!

Watch MrGB’s YouTube video from the day:


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